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With Van Acht Koel- & Vriesopslag, you can count on a reliable storage partner. The storage of your products has our full focus. Our company was founded in 1930, and we are now a leader in the field of refrigerated, frozen, and unconditioned storage. For four generations, our family has been running the business. Together with our team, we guarantee quality and a service based on sustainable practices.

Our company is characterized by flexibility and quick communication. That's why our customers have been finding us for years. Since September 2022 we have been operating from two specialized locations, in Sint-Oedenrode and Veghel.

Van Acht Logistics

We are a modern company specializing in refrigerated, frozen, and unconditioned storage for a variety of products. With over 50 years of experience in this business, we are now known for our innovative approach. We operate two warehouses with our capable team.

We handle the storage of a wide range of products through an efficient and reliable process, in collaboration with our fixed partners. This allows us to optimally focus on the inventory of your products, which is our highest priority.
Over 50 years of experience in storage
Strategic location relative to highways A2 and A50
Fast communication and flexible service
Complete track & trace
Sustainable practices
Complete process control and 24/7 insights

Discover our warehouses

Over 70,000 pallet capacity


The construction of the groundbreaking distribution center in Veghel is in full swing. This new location is expected to be completed in September 2022. The new distribution center is situated at a prime location and will be equipped with the latest developments in logistics, transport, and warehousing. The site is suitable for both unconditioned and refrigerated storage.

Sustainable business practices are a key pillar for our company. Therefore, we are proud of achieving the maximum 'Outstanding' score within the BREEAM-NL BRL 2020 certification, truly proving our commitment to uniquely sustainable business practices.


In Sint-Oedenrode, we have a modern facility that offers 10,000 m2 of storage space. This location is divided into 50 cooling cells, varying from 10 to 1,000 pallet spaces, with or without shelving. We provide storage for a large number of companies with diverse products. Our clientele ranges from growers, horticulturists, importers and exporters to logistics companies and manufacturers. Our years of collaboration with our partners have proven our reliability in our business.



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